Spring 2018 Course Syllabi

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ACCT-2301-01 - Prin Financial Accounting I Jones, Tamalla
ACCT-2301-71 - Prin Financial Accounting I
ACCT-2302-01 - Prin Managerial Accounting II
ACCT-2302-71 - Prin Managerial Accounting II
ACNT-1311-01 - Intro to Computerized Acctg
ARCE-1452-01 - Structural Drafting Hall-Rattray, Deanna
ARTC-1313-01 - Digital Publishing I Hussey, Heather
ARTC-2317-01 - Typographic Design
ARTC-2335-01 - Portfolio Develop for Graphic Design
ARTC-2388-01 - Internship-Commercial-Adv Art Champagne, Adriane
ARTS-1301-01 - Art Appreciation Megnet, Grace
ARTS-1301-02 - Art Appreciation
ARTS-1301-03 - Art Appreciation
ARTS-1301-04 - Art Appreciation Faggard, Albert
ARTS-1301-05 - Art Appreciation
ARTS-1301-06 - Art Appreciation Megnet, Grace
ARTS-1301-07 - Art Appreciation Faggard, Albert
ARTS-1301-08 - Art Appreciation Megnet, Grace
ARTS-1301-09D - Art Appreciation Faggard, Albert
ARTS-1301-50 - Art Appreciation
ARTS-1301-71 - Art Appreciation
ARTS-1304-01 - Art History II Megnet, Grace
ARTS-1311-1D - Design I (2D) Faggard, Albert
ARTS-2316-01 - Painting I
ARTS-2317-01 - Painting II
BCIS-1301-1D - Microcomputer Applications Jones, Tamalla
BCIS-1305-01 - Business Computer Appl Cammack, James
BCIS-1305-02 - Business Computer Appl
BCIS-1305-03 - Business Computer Appl
BCIS-1305-04 - Business Computer Appl
BCIS-1305-71 - Business Computer Appl
BCIS-1305-72 - Business Computer Appl Ned, Kayla
BIOL-1107-11 - Biology for Science Majors II Longlet, Nancy
BIOL-1307-01 - Biology for Science Majors II
BIOL-1322-01 - Nutrition Pollock, Richard
BIOL-1322-02 - Nutrition
BIOL-2101-11 - Anatomy and Physiology Lab I
BIOL-2101-12 - Anatomy and Physiology Lab I
BIOL-2101-13 - Anatomy and Physiology Lab I
BIOL-2101-14 - Anatomy and Physiology Lab I
BIOL-2101-71 - Anatomy and Physiology Lab I Longlet, Nancy
BIOL-2101-90 - Anatomy and Physiology Lab I
BIOL-2102-11 - Anatomy and Physiology Lab II Pollock, Richard
BIOL-2102-12 - Anatomy and Physiology Lab II
BIOL-2102-13 - Anatomy and Physiology Lab II
BIOL-2102-71 - Anatomy and Physiology Lab II Longlet, Nancy
BIOL-2102-90 - Anatomy and Physiology Lab II
BIOL-2120-11 - Microbiology for Non-Science M Jordan, Percy
BIOL-2120-71 - Microbiology for Non-Science M
BIOL-2301-01 - Anatomy and Physiology I
BIOL-2301-02 - Anatomy and Physiology I
BIOL-2301-03 - Anatomy and Physiology I Longlet, Nancy
BIOL-2301-71 - Anatomy and Physiology I
BIOL-2301-90 - Anatomy and Physiology I
BIOL-2302-01 - Anatomy and Physiology II Jordan, Percy
BIOL-2302-02 - Anatomy and Physiology II Longlet, Nancy
BIOL-2302-71 - Anatomy and Physiology II
BIOL-2320-01 - Microbiology for Non Science M Jordan, Percy
BIOL-2320-71 - Microbiology for Non Science M
BUSI-1301-01 - Business Principles Bryant, Jennifer
CETT-1305-01 - AC Circuits Bohn, George
CETT-1305-02 - AC Circuits Peeler, Bobby
CETT-1305-12 - AC Circuits
CETT-1349-01 - Digital Systems
CETT-1349-02 - Digital Systems
CETT-1349-11 - Digital Systems
CHEM-1305-01 - Introductory Chemistry I Son-Guidry, Kyung-AE
CHEM-1305-71 - Introductory Chemistry I
CHEM-1306-01 - Introductory Chemistry I
CHEM-1306-71 - Introductory Chemistry I
CHEM-1312-01 - General Chemistry II
COMM-1336-1D - Video Production I Gillam, Robert
COMM-1336-2D - Video Production I
CRIJ-1301-01 - Intro Criminal Justice Beckcom, Doneane
CRIJ-1301-2D - Intro Criminal Justice
CRIJ-1301-3D - Intro Criminal Justice
CRIJ-1306-71 - Courts Sys-Practices Clark, Gregory
CRIJ-1310-01 - Fundamentals Criminal Law Beckcom, Doneane
CRIJ-2328-71 - Police Sys-Practice
CSME-1410-01 - Intro Hair Cutting-Theory Fonteno, Helen
CSME-1453-1D - Chemical Reformation Smith, Amanda
CSME-1501-01 - Orientation Cosmetology Fonteno, Helen
CSME-1547-01 - Principle Skin Care LeJeune, Sherry
CSME-1553-01 - Chemical Reformation Fonteno, Helen
CSME-2202-11 - Intro Appl Hair Color
CSME-2202-12D - Intro Appl Hair Color Smith, Amanda
CSME-2251-1D - Preparation State Licensing
CSME-2343-01 - Salon Development LeJeune, Sherry
CSME-2401-1D - Principle Hair Color Smith, Amanda
CSME-2410-01 - Adv Haircut Theory LeJeune, Sherry
CSME-2501-01 - Principle Hair Color
CTEC-2480-01 - Cooperative Ed-Chemical Techn Bohn, George
DAAC-1165-50 - Practicum Subst Abuse-Addiction Coun White, Linda
DAAC-1305-50 - Co-Occurring Disorders Arrington, Kimberly
DAAC-1309-50 - Assess Skill Alcohol and Other Drug Addictions
DAAC-2306-71 - Substance Abuse Prevention I White, Linda
DAAC-2341-50 - Counsel Alch-Drug Addiction McAdams, Felicia
DAAC-2343-50 - Current Issues Arrington, Kimberly
DAAC-2454-50 - Dynamics of Group Counseling White, Linda
DFTG-2419-01 - Intermdt Computer Aid Draft Hall-Rattray, Deanna
DFTG-2423-01 - Pipe Drafting
DRAM-1310-02 - Intro to Theater Stafford, Laura
DRAM-1352-01 - Acting II
DRAM-2361-71 - History of the Theater I
ECON-2301-01 - Prin of Macroeconomics Bryant, Jennifer
ECON-2302-2D - Prinof Microeconomics
ECON-2302-3D - Prinof Microeconomics
ECON-2302-4D - Prinof Microeconomics
ECON-2302-71 - Prinof Microeconomics
ECON-2302-90 - Prinof Microeconomics
EDUC-1100-01 - Learning Framework McAdams, Felicia
EDUC-1100-03 - Learning Framework Trevey, Marilyn
ELMT-2333-01 - Industrial Electronics Bohn, George
ENGL-0301-01 - Basic Reading Skills Brooks, Chandra
ENGL-0301-02 - Basic Reading Skills
ENGL-0301-03 - Basic Reading Skills
ENGL-0301-50 - Basic Reading Skills Belyeu, Jeremy
ENGL-0310-01 - Developmental Writing I Brooks, Chandra
ENGL-0310-02 - Developmental Writing I Belyeu, Jeremy
ENGL-0310-03 - Developmental Writing I Brooks, Chandra
ENGL-0310-50 - Developmental Writing I Belyeu, Jeremy
ENGL-0327-01 - Integrated Reading-Writing
ENGL-0327-02 - Integrated Reading-Writing
ENGL-0327-50 - Integrated Reading-Writing
ENGL-1301-01 - English Composition I James, Caitlin
ENGL-1301-01 - English Composition I Judice, Michelle
ENGL-1301-02 - English Composition I
ENGL-1301-03 - English Composition I Lowe, Zebulon
ENGL-1301-04 - English Composition I James, Caitlin
ENGL-1301-05 - English Composition I Belyeu, Jeremy
ENGL-1301-05 - English Composition I Judice, Michelle
ENGL-1301-71 - English Composition I James, Caitlin
ENGL-1301-72 - English Composition I Judice, Michelle
ENGL-1302-01 - English Composition II
ENGL-1302-03 - English Composition II James, Caitlin
ENGL-1302-04 - English Composition II Judice, Michelle
ENGL-1302-04 - English Composition II Lowe, Zebulon
ENGL-1302-05 - English Composition II James, Caitlin
ENGL-1302-06 - English Composition II Lowe, Zebulon
ENGL-1302-07 - English Composition II Judice, Michelle
ENGL-1302-09 - English Composition II Lowe, Zebulon
ENGL-1302-71 - English Composition II
ENGL-1302-72 - English Composition II
ENGL-2321-71 - British Lit
ENGL-2323-2D - British Literature II Judice, Michelle
ENGL-2326-01 - American Lit James, Caitlin
FLMC-2330-01 - Audio Post Production Freyermuth, John
GAME-1304-01 - Level Design Medhekar, Sarita
GAME-1336-01 - Intro to 3D Game Modeling
GEOL-1304-01 - Historical Geology Taylor, Ronald
GEOL-1404-01 - Historical Geology
GEOL-1404-02 - Historical Geology
GOVT-2305-01 - Federal Government Triebel, Mavis
GOVT-2305-02 - Federal Government
GOVT-2305-03 - Federal Government Capeles, Tina
GOVT-2305-04 - Federal Government Triebel, Mavis
GOVT-2305-5D - Federal Government Capeles, Tina
GOVT-2305-71 - Federal Government
GOVT-2306-01 - Texas Government
GOVT-2306-02 - Texas Government Triebel, Mavis
GOVT-2306-50 - Texas Government
GOVT-2306-71 - Texas Government Capeles, Tina
HART-1300-01 - HVAC Duct Fabrication Chaddick, Morgan
HART-1341-01 - Residential Air Conditioning
HART-1345-01 - Gas and Electric Heating
HART-1356-01 - EPA Recovery Cert Preparation
HECO-1322-71 - Principles Nutrition Woodard, Amber
HECO-1322-90 - Principles Nutrition
HIST-1301-01 - US History I Wilbur, Christina
HIST-1301-02 - US History I
HIST-1301-02D - US History I
HIST-1301-03 - US History I Trevey, Marilyn
HIST-1301-71 - US History I Wilbur, Christina
HIST-1302-01 - US Hist II
HIST-1302-02 - US Hist II Trevey, Marilyn
HIST-1302-03 - US Hist II Wilbur, Christina
HIST-1302-04 - US Hist II
HIST-1302-04D - US Hist II
HIST-1302-71 - US Hist II
HITT-1301-01 - Health Data Content-Structure Harbert, Tonya
HITT-1303-01 - Medical Terminology II
HITT-1313-01 - Insurance Coding
HITT-2245-71 - Coding Cert Exam Review (Capstone)
IMED-1301-01 - Intro Digital Media Medhekar, Sarita
INTC-1341-01 - Principle Auto Control Bohn, George
INTC-1348-01 - Analytic Instrumentation
INTC-1355-01 - Unit Operations Sparrow, Michael
ITSC-1401-01 - Intro to Computers Champagne, Adriane
ITSC-1401-50 - Intro to Computers Sweat, Raymond
ITSC-1401-71 - Intro to Computers Duhon, Brenda
ITSE-2321-01 - Object-Oriented Programming Medhekar, Sarita
ITSE-2357-71 - Adv Object-Oriented Program Sweat, Raymond
ITSE-2386-01 - Internship -Programming Champagne, Adriane
ITSW-1301-01 - Intro Word Processing
ITSW-2334-01 - Advanced Spreadsheets
ITSW-2337-71 - Adv Database Sweat, Raymond
KINE-1321-71 - Coaching-Sports-Athletics I Kish, Charles
LGLA-1345-71 - Civil Litigation Beckcom, Doneane
LGLA-1355-01 - Family Law
LGLA-2388-01 - Paralegal-Legal Asst Intern
LGLA-2433-01 - Adv Legal Documents Prep
MATH-0313-03 - Introductory Algebra Pitre, James
MATH-0313-04 - Introductory Algebra McQueen, Sarah
MATH-0313-50 - Introductory Algebra McIntire, Darren
MATH-0332-01 - Intermediate Algebra McQueen, Sarah
MATH-0332-02 - Intermediate Algebra
MATH-0332-03 - Intermediate Algebra
MATH-0332-71 - Intermediate Algebra Knowles, James
MATH-1314-01 - College Algebra Askew, Michelle
MATH-1314-02 - College Algebra
MATH-1314-03 - College Algebra
MATH-1314-04 - College Algebra
MATH-1314-71 - College Algebra
MATH-1325-01 - Calculus for Business and Social Sciences McQueen, Sarah
MATH-1332-01 - Contemporary Mathematics I (Math for Liberal Arts Majors I) Askew, Michelle
MDCA-1205-71 - Medical Law-Ethics Harbert, Tonya
MUSB-1305-01 - Survey Music Business Turner, Kenneth
MUSC-1211-01 - Comm Mus Sight Sing-Ear Trng Richardson, Carl
MUSC-1213-01 - Commercial Music Theory I
MUSC-1331-01 - MIDI Gillam, Robert
MUSC-1331-02 - MIDI
MUSC-1333-01 - Synthesis I
MUSC-1423-01 - Audio Electronics Freyermuth, John
MUSC-2327-01 - Audio Engineering II Turner, Kenneth
MUSC-2327-02 - Audio Engineering II
MUSC-2330-01 - Com Music Arrange-Comp Richardson, Carl
MUSC-2448-02 - Audio Engr IV Freyermuth, John
MUSC-2486-01 - Internship-Recording Arts Tech Turner, Kenneth
MUSI-1182-11 - Piano Class Inst II Gillam, Robert
MUSI-1301-01 - Fundamentalsof Music I Richardson, Carl
MUSI-1310-01 - American Popular Music Canedo Gonzalez, Blas
MUSI-1310-2D - American Popular Music Gillam, Robert
MUSI-1310-3D - American Popular Music
MUSI-1310-71 - American Popular Music Canedo Gonzalez, Blas
MUSP-1202-01 - Introductory Group Voice
MUSP-1204-01 - Appl Com Music - Bass Guitar Richardson, Carl
MUSP-1205-01 - Appl Commercial Mus - Comm Guitar
MUSP-1217-01 - Appl Com Music - Percussion Turner, Kenneth
MUSP-1223-01 - Applied Com Music - Synthesizer Gillam, Robert
MUSP-1227-01 - Appl Commercial Music -Voice Canedo Gonzalez, Blas
MUSP-1240-50 - Large Commercial Music Ensembl Richardson, Carl
NURA-1160-11 - Clinical-Nurse Assist-Aide Allen, Shalanda
NURA-1160-12 - Clinical-Nurse Assist-Aide
NURA-1160-13 - Clinical-Nurse Assist-Aide
NURA-1160-14 - Clinical-Nurse Assist-Aide
NURA-1301-01 - Nurse Aide Hlth Care
NURA-1301-11 - Nurse Aide Hlth Care
NURA-1301-12 - Nurse Aide Hlth Care
NURA-1301-13 - Nurse Aide Hlth Care
NURA-1301-14 - Nurse Aide Hlth Care
PHYS-1305-01 - Elementary Physics I Son-Guidry, Kyung-AE
PHYS-1305-71 - Elementary Physics I
PHYS-1315-71 - Physical Science I
POFI-2350-01 - Databases Medhekar, Sarita
POFI-2350-71 - Databases Champagne, Adriane
POFI-2350-71 - Databases Medhekar, Sarita
POFM-2310-01 - Intermediate Medical Coding Harbert, Tonya
POFM-2333-01 - Medical Doc Production
POFM-2386-01 - Internship-Med Ofc Asst-Sec
POFT-1321-01 - Business Math Champagne, Adriane
POFT-1321-01 - Business Math Guillot, Sheila
POFT-2312-01 - Busi Correspondence-Comm
POFT-2312-71 - Busi Correspondence-Comm
PSYC-1100-01 - Learning Framework Clark, Jamie
PSYC-1100-02 - Learning Framework
PSYC-1100-03 - Learning Framework
PSYC-1100-04 - Learning Framework
PSYC-1100-05 - Learning Framework
PSYC-1100-50 - Learning Framework
PSYC-1100-71 - Learning Framework
PSYC-1300-01 - Learning Framework
PSYC-1300-02 - Learning Framework
PSYC-1300-71 - Learning Framework
PSYC-2301-01 - General Psychology Barbay, Carol
PSYC-2301-02 - General Psychology
PSYC-2301-4D - General Psychology Clark, Jamie
PSYC-2301-5D - General Psychology
PSYC-2301-71 - General Psychology Barbay, Carol
PSYC-2301-90 - General Psychology
PSYC-2314-01 - Lifespan Growth-Dev
PSYC-2314-71 - Lifespan Growth-Dev
PSYC-2317-50 - Statistical Methods in Psychology Carona, Ken
PTAC-1302-01 - Intro Process Tech Powell, James
PTAC-1432-01 - Process Instrumentation I
PTAC-1432-11 - Process Instrumentation I
PTAC-1432-12 - Process Instrumentation I
PTAC-2314-01 - Principles of Quality
PTAC-2438-01 - Process Tech III-Operations
PTAC-2438-11 - Process Tech III-Operations
PTAC-2438-12 - Process Tech III-Operations
PTAC-2446-01 - Process Troubleshooting
PTAC-2446-11 - Process Troubleshooting
PTAC-2446-12 - Process Troubleshooting
PTAC-2446-50 - Process Troubleshooting Sparrow, Michael
RNSG-1118-11 - Transition Prof Nursing Comp Ford Arceneaux, Cynthia
RNSG-1118-11 - Transition Prof Nursing Comp James, Melanie
RNSG-1118-11 - Transition Prof Nursing Comp Stamey, Julie
RNSG-1118-11 - Transition Prof Nursing Comp Woods, Tanya
RNSG-1228-01 - Intro to Health Care Concepts Ford Arceneaux, Cynthia
RNSG-1228-01 - Intro to Health Care Concepts James, Melanie
RNSG-1228-01 - Intro to Health Care Concepts Stamey, Julie
RNSG-1228-01 - Intro to Health Care Concepts Woods, Tanya
RNSG-1260-11 - Clinical-RN Ford Arceneaux, Cynthia
RNSG-1260-12 - Clinical-RN James, Melanie
RNSG-1260-13 - Clinical-RN Stamey, Julie
RNSG-1300-01 - Health Assessment Lifespan Ford Arceneaux, Cynthia
RNSG-1300-01 - Health Assessment Lifespan James, Melanie
RNSG-1300-01 - Health Assessment Lifespan Stamey, Julie
RNSG-1300-71 - Health Assessment Lifespan MacNeill, Shirley
RNSG-1300-71 - Health Assessment Lifespan Woods, Tanya
RNSG-1424-01 - Concept-Based Trans Prof Nurs Ford Arceneaux, Cynthia
RNSG-1424-01 - Concept-Based Trans Prof Nurs James, Melanie
RNSG-1424-01 - Concept-Based Trans Prof Nurs Stamey, Julie
RNSG-1424-01 - Concept-Based Trans Prof Nurs Woods, Tanya
RTVB-2330-01 - Film and Video Editing Gillam, Robert
SOCI-1301-01 - Intro Sociology Briscoe, Sonya
SOCI-1301-71 - Intro Sociology Clark, Kristi
SOCI-1306-71 - Social Problems
SPCH-1315-01 - Public Speaking Gengo, Damon
SPCH-1315-02 - Public Speaking
SPCH-1315-03 - Public Speaking
SPCH-1315-04 - Public Speaking
SPCH-1315-05 - Public Speaking
SPCH-1315-07 - Public Speaking
SPCH-1315-09 - Public Speaking Davis, Michelle
SPCH-1315-10D - Public Speaking Stafford, Laura
SPCH-1315-11D - Public Speaking
SPCH-1315-50 - Public Speaking Davis, Michelle
SPCH-1315-71 - Public Speaking Stafford, Laura
SRGT-1461-11 - Clinical-Surgical Tech Buckner, Brandon
SRGT-1541-01 - Surgical Procedures I
SRVY-1301-01 - Introduction to Surveying Hall-Rattray, Deanna
VNSG-1204-01 - Foundations of Nursing Brown, Carolyn
VNSG-1204-01 - Foundations of Nursing Guffey, Moriah
VNSG-1204-01 - Foundations of Nursing Lawson, Deborah
VNSG-1227-01 - Essential Medication Admn Brown, Carolyn
VNSG-1227-01 - Essential Medication Admn Guffey, Moriah
VNSG-1227-01 - Essential Medication Admn Lawson, Deborah
VNSG-1231-01 - Pharmacology Davis, Eursula
VNSG-1234-01 - Pediatrics Guidry, Electra
VNSG-1234-01 - Pediatrics Hare, Diane
VNSG-1234-01 - Pediatrics Humphries, Emma
VNSG-1261-11 - Clinical LPN-LVN Training Lawson, Deborah
VNSG-1261-12 - Clinical LPN-LVN Training Brown, Carolyn
VNSG-1261-13 - Clinical LPN-LVN Training Guffey, Moriah
VNSG-1400-01 - Nursing in Health-Illness I Brown, Carolyn
VNSG-1400-01 - Nursing in Health-Illness I Guffey, Moriah
VNSG-1400-01 - Nursing in Health-Illness I Lawson, Deborah
VNSG-1409-01 - Nursing Health-Illness II Guidry, Electra
VNSG-1409-01 - Nursing Health-Illness II Hare, Diane
VNSG-1409-01 - Nursing Health-Illness II Humphries, Emma
VNSG-1462-11 - Clinical LPN-LVN Training Hare, Diane
VNSG-1462-12 - Clinical LPN-LVN Training Humphries, Emma
VNSG-1462-13 - Clinical LPN-LVN Training Guidry, Electra