Summer I 2018 Course Syllabi

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ARTS-1301-71 - Art Appreciation Faggard, Albert
BCIS-1305-71 - Business Computer Appl Cammack, James
BCIS-1305-90 - Business Computer Appl
BIOL-2101-11 - Anatomy and Physiology Lab I Pollock, Richard
BIOL-2101-12 - Anatomy and Physiology Lab I
BIOL-2102-71 - Anatomy and Physiology Lab II Longlet, Nancy
BIOL-2120-71 - Microbiology for Non-Science M Jordan, Percy
BIOL-2301-01 - Anatomy and Physiology I
BIOL-2302-71 - Anatomy and Physiology II Longlet, Nancy
BIOL-2320-71 - Microbiology for Non Science M Jordan, Percy
CHEM-1305-71 - Introductory Chemistry I Son-Guidry, Kyung-AE
CHEM-1306-71 - Introductory Chemistry I
CSME-1451-01 - Artistry of Hair, Theory and Practice Smith, Amanda
CSME-1451-01 - Artistry of Hair-Theory
CSME-1451-02 - Artistry of Hair-Theory Guidry, Cynthia
DFTG-2386-01 - Internship-Drafting and Design Hall-Rattray, Deanna
ECON-2301-71 - Prin of Macroeconomics Bryant, Jennifer
ENGL-0301-01 - Basic Reading Skills Brooks, Chandra
ENGL-0301-11 - Basic Reading Skills
ENGL-0310-01 - Developmental Writing I
ENGL-0310-11 - Developmental Writing I
ENGL-1301-01 - English Composition I James, Caitlin
ENGL-1301-71 - English Composition I Lowe, Zebulon
ENGL-1301-90 - English Composition I
ENGL-1302-01 - English Composition II Belyeu, Jeremy
HECO-1322-71 - Principles Nutrition Woodard, Amber
HIST-1301-71 - US History I Wilbur, Christina
HIST-1301-90 - US History I
HIST-1302-01 - US Hist II Trevey, Marilyn
HITT-1305-71 - Medical Term I Harbert, Tonya
INTC-2388-01 - Internship-Instrumentation Tec Bohn, George
ITSC-1401-71 - Intro to Computers Champagne, Adriane
ITSC-1401-72 - Intro to Computers
MATH-1314-01 - College Algebra Askew, Michelle
MATH-1314-71 - College Algebra
MATH-1314-90 - College Algebra
MATH-2312-01 - Pre-Calculus Math
MUSC-2330-71 - Com Music Arrange-Comp Gillam, Robert
MUSI-1310-71 - American Popular Music
NURA-1160-11 - Clinical-Nurse Assist-Aide Allen, Shalanda
NURA-1160-12 - Clinical-Nurse Assist-Aide
NURA-1160-13 - Clinical-Nurse Assist-Aide
NURA-1301-01 - Nurse Aide Hlth Care
NURA-1301-11 - Nurse Aide Hlth Care
NURA-1301-12 - Nurse Aide Hlth Care
NURA-1301-13 - Nurse Aide Hlth Care
POFT-2312-71 - Busi Correspondence-Comm Guillot, Sheila
PSYC-1100-71 - Learning Framework Clark, Jamie
PSYC-1100-90 - Learning Framework
PSYC-2301-01 - General Psychology
PSYC-2301-02 - General Psychology
PSYC-2301-03 - General Psychology
PSYC-2301-71 - General Psychology Barbay, Carol
PSYC-2314-71 - Lifespan Growth-Dev
PTAC-2487-01 - Internship-Process Technology Bohn, George
RNSG-1137-01 - Prof Nursing Concepts III Ford Arceneaux, Cynthia
RNSG-1137-01 - Prof Nursing Concepts III James, Melanie
RNSG-1137-01 - Prof Nursing Concepts III Stamey, Julie
RNSG-1137-01 - Prof Nursing Concepts III Woods, Tanya
RNSG-1538-01 - Health Care Concepts III Ford Arceneaux, Cynthia
RNSG-1538-01 - Health Care Concepts III James, Melanie
RNSG-1538-01 - Health Care Concepts III Stamey, Julie
RNSG-1538-01 - Health Care Concepts III Woods, Tanya
RNSG-2361-11 - Clinical RN Stamey, Julie
RNSG-2361-12 - Clinical RN Ford Arceneaux, Cynthia
RNSG-2361-13 - Clinical RN James, Melanie
SOCI-1306-01 - Social Problems Brown, Lawanda
SOCI-1306-71 - Social Problems Clark, Kristi
SPCH-1315-01 - Public Speaking Gengo, Damon
SRGT-1442-01 - Surgical Procedures II Buckner, Brandon
SRGT-1462-11 - Clinical Surgical Tech
SRGT-2130-01 - Professional Readiness
VNSG-1230-01 - Maternal-Neonatal Nursing Guidry, Electra
VNSG-1230-01 - Maternal-Neonatal Nursing Hare, Diane
VNSG-1234-01 - Pediatrics Kinsey, Emma
VNSG-1234-01 - Pediatrics Lawson, Deborah
VNSG-1409-01 - Nursing Health-Illness II Kinsey, Emma
VNSG-1409-01 - Nursing Health-Illness II Lawson, Deborah
VNSG-1462-12 - Clinical LPN-LVN Training Kinsey, Emma
VNSG-1462-13 - Clinical LPN-LVN Training Lawson, Deborah
VNSG-1463-11 - Clinical LPN-LVN Training Hare, Diane
VNSG-1463-12 - Clinical LPN-LVN Training Guidry, Electra
VNSG-2410-01 - Nursing Health-Ilness III
VNSG-2410-01 - Nursing Health-Ilness III Hare, Diane