Spring 2019 Course Syllabus
Course: DAAC-2343- Section: 71
Current Issues
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Instructor Information
Instructor Linda White
Phone(409) 984-6307
Location:Education Annex - Room: 113
Hours:By Appointment Only
Allied Health
Chair:Shirley MacNeill
Phone:(409) 984-6365
Course Information
Description A study of current issues that impact addiction counseling. Special populations, dual diagnosis, ethics, gambling, and infectious diseases associated with addiction counseling will be investigated. Identify sources of contemporary information regarding the treatment of substance abuse in special populations.
Prerequisites None
Learning Outcomes 1. Identify “special populations” that are affected by chemical dependency.
2. Know the “drugs of choice” used by these special populations.
3. Identify physiological, psychological, and social factors that pre-dispose and support substance abuse in the special populations.
4. Delineate approaches used in reaching out to and providing treatment for special populations.
5. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities on the concepts of the core functions and domains of substance abuse counseling.
Core Objectives * Communication skills: Students will demonstrate effective written, oral and visual communication.

* Critical Thinking Skills: Students will engage in creative and/or innovative thinking, and/or inquiry, analysis, evaluation, synthesis of information, organizing concepts and constructing solutions.

* Teamwork: Students will demonstrate the ability to work effectively with others to support a shared purpose or goal and consider different points of view.

* Social Responsibility: Students will demonstrate intercultural competency and civic knowledge by engaging effectively in local, regional, national and/or global communities.

* Personal Responsibility: Students will demonstrate the ability to connect choices, actions and consequences to ethical decision-making.

Program Student Learning Outcomes
Textbooks Drugs, Behavior and Modern Society 8th ed Charles Levinthal
ISBN: 9780205959334, 0205959334

Lecture Topics
1    January 22    Week 1     Introduction of Self
2    January 28    Week 2    Introduction of
Special Populations      Online      Read: : Chapter 1
3    February 4    Week 3    Drugs and Behavior Today     Online    Read:
Chapter 2
4    February 11    Week 4     Drug Toxicity     Online    Read: Chapter 3
5    February 18    Week 5     How Drug Enter the Body    Online    Read:

Chapter 4
6    February 25        The History of Cocaine          Read :
Chapter 5
7    March 4         Opium         Chapter 6:
2 week assignment: on Opioid Addiction
Due March 17, 2019
8    March 11        Spring Break         
9    March 18        Read Chapter 7
Chapter 8 & 9
10    March 25        Marijuana & Alcohol        Read:
10 & 11
11    April 1        Cigarettes & Coffee         Read:
Chapter 12
12    April 8         Steroids        Read :
Chapter 13
13    April 15        Barbiturates         Read :
Chapter 14
14    April 22        Prescriptions , Drugs & Over the Counter         Read: Chapter 15 & 16
15    April 29        The Biomedical & Substance Abuse Prevention         
Final Exam Review
16    May      14     Final Exam         

Major Assignments

Writing a Research Paper;
Topics Allocated to Students from following:
Children            Cultural sensitivity, race, ethnicity,
Women/men            Adolescents
Young adults (college age)     Aging
Homeless,            Gays/lesbians
African Americans         Hispanics/Native Americans
Military/Veterans        Prisoners / Police
Athletes            Dual diagnosis
Health care professionals     HIV/AIDS

Self Study on Research paper preparation
KSA’s, TIPS on Test Prep , Research Paper Draft due
Final Exam- Submit Research Paper

Final Exam Date May 9, 2019 - 2:30 PM   Through  May 14, 2019 - 2:30 PM
Grading Scale A B C D F
100-90 89-80 79-70 69-60 59 - below
Determination of
Final Grade
Self Study on Research paper preparation 60%
KSA’s, TIPS on Test Prep 15%
Research Paper Draft due 10%
Final Exam- Submit Research Paper 15%

Course Policies
Instructor Policies Assignments will be posted on Mondays by 5:30 pm. They will be due on Sundays by 11:59a.m. Students will be expected to participate in threaded Discussion Board topics. Participation is required in the discussion threads by responding to the thread, then posting engaging comments or questions to at least two other peer is posting to receive complete credit for assignment.
Attendance Policy Students should log into the course each day and check emails and announcements. You will need to notify instructor prior to absence, to receive opportunity for make –up work. Assignments, Quizzes & Exam.

Academic Honesty Academic honesty is expected from all students, and dishonesty in any form will not be tolerated. Please consult the LSC-PA policies (Section IX, subsection A, in the Faculty Handbook) for consequences of academic dishonesty.
Facility Policies
  1. No food or tobacco products are allowed in the classroom.

  2. Only students enrolled in the course are allowed in the classroom, except by special instructor permission.

  3. Use of electronic devices is prohibited.
Important Information
ADA Considerations The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal anti-discrimination statute that provides comprehensive civil rights for persons with disabilities. Among other things, this legislation requires that all students with disabilities be guaranteed a learning environment that provides for reasonable accommodation of their disabilities. If you believe you have a disability requiring an accommodation, please contact the the Office for Disability Services Coordinator, Room 231, in the Madison Monroe Building. The phone number is (409) 984-6241.
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