Spring 2019 Course Syllabus
Course: GOVT-2305- Section: 02
Federal Government (Federal constitution and topics)
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Instructor Information
Instructor Mavis Triebel
Phone(409) 984-6332
Location:Education Annex - Room: 109
Hours:8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. MWF and 9:00 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. TR and by appointment
General Education and Developmental Studies
Chair:Dr. Michelle Davis
Phone:(409) 984-6341
Course Information
Description Origin and development of the U.S. Constitution, structure and powers of the national government including the legislative, executive, and judicial branches, federalism, political participation, the national election process, public policy, civil liberties and civil rights.
Prerequisites Prerequisite: Basic skills competency in reading and writing required
Learning Outcomes Upon successful completion of this course, students will:
Explain the origin and development of constitutional democracy in the United States.
Demonstrate knowledge of the federal system.
Describe separation of powers and checks and balances in both theory and practice.
Demonstrate knowledge of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of the federal government.
Evaluate the role of public opinion, interest groups, and political parties in the political system.
Analyze the election process.
Describe the rights and responsibilities of citizens.
Analyze issues and policies in U.S. politics.

Core Objectives * Communication skills: Students will demonstrate effective written, oral and visual communication.

* Critical Thinking Skills: Students will engage in creative and/or innovative thinking, and/or inquiry, analysis, evaluation, synthesis of information, organizing concepts and constructing solutions.

* Social Responsibility: Students will demonstrate intercultural competency and civic knowledge by engaging effectively in local, regional, national and/or global communities.

* Personal Responsibility: Students will demonstrate the ability to connect choices, actions and consequences to ethical decision-making.
Program Student Learning Outcomes PSLO ALPHA (LSCPA): Reading skills - Demonstrates comprehension of content-area reading material.
Textbooks By the People, Fourth Brief Edition
    James A. Morone, Rogan Kersh
    ISBN: 9780190928728
Lecture Topics
Week 1: Chapter 1 Ideas that Shape America
Week 2: Constitution
Week 3: The US Constitution
Week 4: Federalism
Week 5: Civil Liberties
Week 6: Test I, Chapters 1-5
Week 6: Civil Rights
Week 7: Public Opinion
Week 8: Media and Technology
Week 9: Campaigns and Elections
Week 10: Interest Groups
Week 11: Test II: Chapters 6-10
Week 11: Congress
Week 12: The President
Week 13: The Federal Bureaucracy & Common Assignment
Week 14: The Federal Courts
Week 15: Domestic and Foreign Policy and
Week 15: Review for Test III: Chapters 11-15
Major Assignments
Week 6 Test I covering chapters 1-5 shall be given.
Week 11 Test II covering chapters 6-10 shall be given.
Week 15 Test III (final) shall be given covering chapters 11-15
Common assignment shall be due during week 12

Final Exam Date May 13, 2019 - 10:00 AM
Grading Scale 90 - 100 = A 80 - 89 = B 70 - 79 = C 60 - 69 = D Below 59 = F

Spring drop dates 2019 shall be February 28 and April 18, 2019
Determination of
Final Grade
Three major tests shall be given. Test I shall be 25% of grade, Test II shall be 25% of grade and Test III shall be 25% of grade, plus the common assignment shall be 25% of total grade. There may also be extra credit given during the semester.

There will be three examinations during this course. Test I, II, and III will be objective. All three will be unit examinations with the third given at the set time for finals.

Attendance at tests is mandatory. There will be no make-up tests. In case of dire emergency, any make-up tests given will be essay, administered at the same time as the final and MUST receive instructor approval within 24 hours of announced test date. Test dates will be announced in advance. You will need three Scantron 882 in order to complete the three tests. Material for testing will be from lecture, text book and supplemental reading.

You will receive and "F" after five class hours unexcused are missed. If you quit coming to class and do not officially drop, you will receive an "F. The administrative details are your responsibility. After three days in which you are tardy to class, the instructor will no longer change absent to tardy.
Course Policies
Instructor Policies Grades will not be discussed on the telephone but may be obtained in class or by email or appointment.

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Attendance Policy Attendance is required; roll will be taken; and punctuality is expected. You are responsible for all materials covered in class, as well as all outside readings. The reading list distributed in class will be followed for the basis of lectures and testing. Lectures are extremely important in this course because much of the material covered does NOT appear in your text. You are also responsible for all textual material.

    You will receive an "F" after five class hours UNEXCUSED are missed. If you quit coming to class and do not officially drop, you will receive an "F". The administrative details are your responsibility. After three days in which you are tardy to class, the instructor will no longer change absent to tardy.
Academic Honesty Academic honesty is expected from all students, and dishonesty in any form will not be tolerated. Please consult the LSC-PA policies (Section IX, subsection A, in the Faculty Handbook) for consequences of academic dishonesty.
Facility Policies
  1. No food or tobacco products are allowed in the classroom.

  2. Only students enrolled in the course are allowed in the classroom, except by special instructor permission.

  3. Use of electronic devices is prohibited.
Important Information
ADA Considerations The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal anti-discrimination statute that provides comprehensive civil rights for persons with disabilities. Among other things, this legislation requires that all students with disabilities be guaranteed a learning environment that provides for reasonable accommodation of their disabilities. If you believe you have a disability requiring an accommodation, please contact the the Office for Disability Services Coordinator, Room 231, in the Madison Monroe Building. The phone number is (409) 984-6241.
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Other Directions for common assignment shall be distributed during class time.
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