Spring 2019 Course Syllabus
Course: SPCH-1315- Section: 02
Public Speaking
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Instructor Information
Instructor Laura Stafford
Phone(409) 984-6331
Location:Student Center - Room: 417
Hours:TR 8-10am & 1:30-3:30pm & W F 1-2pm
General Education and Developmental Studies
Chair:Dr. Michelle Davis
Phone:(409) 984-6341
Course Information
Description Application of communication theory and practice to the public speaking context, with emphasis on audience analysis, speaker delivery, ethics of communication, cultural diversity, and speech organizational techniques to develop students' speaking abilities, as well as ability to effectively evaluate oral presentations.
Prerequisites None
Learning Outcomes Course Student Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this course, students will:
1. Demonstrate an understanding of the foundational models of communication.(PSLO Alpha) Measured by embedded test questions; Pre-test/post-test
2. Apply elements of audience analysis.(PSLO 2 & 6) Measured by Oral Presentation Rubric/Critique; Written Outlines or Speeches; Audience Ethics Analysis on Written Outline or Speeches
3. Demonstrate ethical speaking and listening skills by analyzing presentations for evidence and logic.(PSLO 1,2, & 6) Measured by Audience Ethics Analysis on Written Outline or Speeches
4. Research, develop and deliver extemporaneous speeches with effective verbal and nonverbal techniques.(PSLO 1, 2) Measured by Oral Presentation Rubric/Critique; Written Outlines or Speeches
5. Demonstrate effective usage of technology when researching and/or presenting speeches.(PSLO 1 & 2) Measured by Oral Presentation Rubric/Critique; Written Outlines or Speeches
6. Identify how culture, ethnicity and gender influence communication.(PSLO 6 & Alpha) Measured by Audience Ethics Analysis on Written Outline or Speeches; Pre-test / Post- Test
7. Develop proficiency in presenting a variety of speeches as an individual or group (e.g. narrative, informative or persuasive).(PSLO 1,2, & 4) Measured by Measures: Oral Presentation Rubric/Critique; Written Outlines or Speeches; or Teamwork Rubric
Core Objectives PSLO ALPHA: Reading skills - Demonstrates comprehension of content-area reading material.
Identifies all main ideas, supporting details, and vocabulary in reading material; demonstrates a full understanding of the reading.

1. Critical Thinking Skills: Students will engage in creative and/or innovative thinking, and/or inquiry, analysis, evaluation, synthesis of information, organizing concepts and constructing solutions.
2. Communication skills: Students will demonstrate effective written, oral and visual communication.
4. Teamwork: Students will demonstrate the ability to work effectively with others to support a shared purpose or goal and consider different points of view.
5. Personal Responsibility: Students will demonstrate the ability to connect choices, actions and consequences to ethical decision-making.
Program Student Learning Outcomes
Textbooks * O’Hair, Dan. A Pocket Guide to Public Speaking. 5th ed. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2016. ISBN: 978-1-4576-7040-4.
*Working Guide to Communication Success. Dr. Laura Stafford, 15th ed. 2018.
( Lecture packet will be on the Lamarpa.edu Blackboard course site on Content Link) You will be able to print the packet at the Gates Library. The lecture packet has all the required format guidelines and critique sheets that are necessary for each assignment.

Bring a 3 –Ring binder to put your Lecture packet pages in because you use in class each day and have it in front of you when listening to online lectures. Must bring it to class every day. If you lose pages you are responsible for replacing them.
Lecture Topics
Textbook=TB (Find the answers to the Review Questions for each chapter); Lecture Packet=LP
Week 1 (TB Chapters 1 & 2) Classical Roots; LP: Communication Theory Terms; Model of Communication; Types of Communication;
Week 2 (TB Chapters 3,& 5) LP: Listening Process; dyadic interviews; Spc 1 outline instructions; Listening Report instructions
Week 3 (TB Chapters 7, 16 &22 ) LP: Self-Critique Instructions; Topic Choices for Spc 2; Modes of Communication; General & Specific Purpose; Support Materials
Week 4 (TB Chapters 6, 8, 12, & 14) LP: Audience Analysis; Motivational Sequence Theory; Spc 2 Outline Instructions; Beginnings & Endings; Organizational Patterns
Week 5 (TB Chapters 9, 10, 11, 13, & 15) LP: Visualization Step; MLA Citation Instructions (TB p. 256+ MLA Citations) Oral Citation; Sample Outline; Factors of Re-Focus
Week 6 (TB Chapters 17, 19, 20 & 21) LP: Use of Visual Support; Speaker Notes - examples; Performance Critique; Audience Response Sheet
Week 7 (TB Chapters 23 & 24) LP: Ways to Persuade; Motivational Appeals; Refutation
Week 8 Spring Break
Week 9 (TB Chapters 4 & 18) LP: Self-Critique #2 Instructions
Week 10 LP: Common Group Persuasive Outline Instructions; Group Formation & Topic selection; Works Cited Instructions
Week 11 (TB Chapters 27 & 28) LP: Ethics Analysis Instructions; SOAR Training Videos Bonus
Week 12 (TB Chapters 25 & 26) LP: Group Performance Critique Instructions; Audience Rating Response Sheet
Week 13: S-3 Performances continue
Week 14 LP: Group Roles/ Instructions of Group Analysis Teamwork Chart LP: Ethics Analysis Essay & Teamwork analysis
Week 15 LP: Instructions for Spc 4 The Acceptance of an Award; Instructions for Spc 5 The Exit Speech
Week 16 S-5,Presentations
Major Assignments
(Yes, We stay for the whole time and Test material is covered in class. It is your responsibility to get material you miss from other students and turn in required papers on the due dates listed below.) Doctor’s appointments are not excused absences, make appointments outside of class time. CLASS BEGINS on TIME- arrive 5 minutes before time to get settled and ready! Entering at class time makes you LATE!

    This class is enhanced with some online work required; you must be able to access your MyLamarpa account. Online: Must have lecture packet to follow the Audio lecture to make notes for exams and projects. You must complete the entire Online Assignment before the next class period.

If you forget your password or have log in problems call: Kenneth Lisby at 409-984-6150.
    I will NOT re-teach what is covered on the Online Lectures in class. TB = Textbook; LP = Lecture Packet; Bb = Blackboard Learn. DB=Discussion Board on Blackboard.

Week 1 (Read TB Chapters 1 & 2) Find answers to TB Review Questions
M Jan. 21    MLK DAY!
W      23    Syllabus / Agenda Calendar / Pre Test / Conduct contract signed / Read Ch. 1
         Classical Roots/ Bring your Binder every day!!
F     25 handout LP p. 1-25 /Lec. LP p. 3 & 4 Demo: Blackboard/
Homework: Online: On Bb> Content> Unit 1 Folder> Open and scroll down to complete the audio lecture of LP p. 3 & 4. Notes will be checked at next class.

Week 2 (Read TB Chapters 3, 5, & 22 )Find answers to TB Review Questions
M      28 Lec. LP p. 5 & 6 The Listening Process
Homework: Online: On Bb> Content> Unit 2 Folder> Open and scroll down to complete the audio lecture of LP p. 5 & 6. Notes will be checked at next class.
W      30 Unit 3: dyadic interviews (LP p. 12-13) /S-1 outline instructions LPp. 14 /
            Read TB Chapter 3 before next class!
F Feb. 1 Library Computer Lab: Bring Ear buds that work on a PC computer!!! 5 Tasks!
*Online Classwork: On Bb> Content > Take Practice Syllabus Quiz ; then complete:
*Online: On Bb >Bb Menu > Open Discussions >Click on the Chapter 1: Classical Roots Top 3 Forum –Create a Thread of 5 sentences identifying what are the Top 3 concepts or ideas that stood out to you from this section of Chapter 1 and Reply to another Student with at least 5 full sentences specifically discussing their thread points in comparison to yours for full points. (10 pts) Due complete by 11:59. Monday, Feb. 4th !
*After Reading TB Chapter 3 > on Bb> Discussions > Complete Managing Speech Anxiety Top 3 Forum –Thread of 5 sentences and Reply to another Student with at least 5 sentences for full points. (10 pts) Due by 11:59pm. Monday, Feb. 4th !
*Type your S-1 Outline following the guide sheet format of LP p. 14; samples p. 15-16
*Bb Menu>Content> Scroll down: Listen to instructions for Listening Reports (LP p.8-9) !!!
Week 3 (Read TB Chapters 7, 16, & 22) Find answers to TB Review Questions
M Feb. 4    S-1 Informative Speech 2-3min. (100 pts) Typed Outline Due or 5pts off! All     present today – No Show – No Points /Assign Self Critique #1 (LP p. 22-23)
DB Ch. 1 Forum & DB Ch. 3 Forum Due by 11:59pm

Homework Online: On Bb> Bb Menu> Student Folders> open your folder to view your S-1 video to complete Self Critique #1. LP p. 22-23. (20pts)
W 6    S-1 cont.                            (Census Date)
R      8    Topic choices LP p. 27 / Modes of Communication (LP p.28) / Lec. General &
        Specific Purpose (LP p.29)
Homework Online: on Bb> Bb Menu> Content> Unit 4> Complete Listening to & take notes on General & Specific Purpose (LP p. 29) Finish this lecture on Blackboard before taking Quiz 1

Homework Online: take Audio Quiz 1 over LP p. 5, 6, 28, 29 (10pts) Bb>Content> Unit 4
Due Monday, Feb. 11th at 11:59pm.

Homework Online: on Bb> Bb Menu> Content> Unit 4> Listen & take notes on LP p. 31 - Support Material Analysis
(PR #1= 135) 15 pts Att. Included

Week 4 (Read TB Chapters 6, 8, 12, & 14) Find answers to TB Review Questions
M Feb. 11    Self Critique # 1 Due (LP p. 22-23)/ Audience analysis LP p. 30/ Quiz 1 Due!
W 13    Motivational Sequence LP p. 32 / S-2 Outline Instructions LP 41
F     15 Lec. LP p. 34 Beginning & Endings
Homework Online: on Bb> Bb Menu> Content> Unit 4>Listen & take notes on LP p. 33 Organizational Patterns & LP p. 34

Week 5 (Read TB Chapters 9, 10, 11, 13, & 15) Find answers to TB Review Questions
M Feb. 18    Lec. LP p. 40 Visualization / /Listening Report #1 Due (LP p. 8-9) (20pts)
W 20 MLA Citations Instructions LP p. 47-48 & (TB P. 256+ MLA Citations)

Homework Online: on Bb> Bb Menu> Content> Unit 4> Listen & take notes on: LP p. 33 Organizational patterns; LP p. 37 Language

F 22     Oral Citations LP p. 45/ Lec. Outline Sample LP p. 42.

Homework Online: on Bb> Bb Menu> Content> Unit 4> Listen & take notes on LP. 39 Factors of Re-Focus

Homework Online: on Bb> Bb Menu> Content> Unit 4> Audio Quiz 2 over LP p. 33, 37, 39 (5ptsB) Due by 11:59pm Monday, Feb. 25th at 11:59pm.
Week 6 (Read TB Chapters 17, 19, 20 & 21) Find answers to TB Final exam Review Questions     Midterm Review LP p. 43-44. & Pink Sheet on TB
M Feb. 25    Lec. Use of Visual Support LP p. 38 / Quiz 2 Due!!

Homework Online: on Bb> Bb Menu> Content> Unit 4> Listen & take notes on: LP p. 35-36 Delivery Terms for midterm exam
W 27    Visual support cont. / Speaker Notes example / Bring Citation Page to class
F Mar. 1    Lec: Performance Critique LP p.46 /     Audience Response LP p.49 /
Homework Online: on Bb> Bb Menu> Discussions> Click on TB Chapters 11-13 Organizing & Outlining Top 3 Forum> Thread of 5 sentences and Reply to another Student with at least 5 sentences for full points. (10 pts) Due by 11:59 pm on Wednesday, Mar. 6th !!
(GR#1= 205) 15 pts Att. Included

Week 7    (Read TB Chapters 23 & 24)Find answers to TB Final exam Review Questions
M Mar. 4    Midterm Exam (over Lecture notes 3-43) Pink sheet from Textbook /
            Review is Textbook Quiz Part II of Midterm– NOT AN OPEN BOOK
            TEST! Study!!! Need a scantron. (100pts)
W 6    Ch. 11-13 Discussion Board Due 11:59pm!! Unit 6 Lec. LP p. 58-59 Ways
            to Persuade    
F      8     Unit 6: LP p. 60-62 Motivational Appeals
Homework Online: on Bb> Bb Menu> Content> Unit 6 > Listen and take notes on: Lec. LP p. 63 Refutation

Week 8 (Spring Break ) Mar. 11-17) Prepare your S-2 speech!!!

Week 9    (Read TB Chapters TB Chapters 4 & 18)Find answers to TB Review Questions
M Mar. 18    S-2 Persuasive with Visual Support 5-6min All Typed Outlines,
            Due TODAY or 10pts. off     (150pts)
W     20    S-2 Cont.
R 22    S-2 cont /Self Critique #2 Instructions LP p. 24-25

Homework Online: View your S-2 speech on Blackboard under Student Folders> open your Folder and complete Self-Critique 2 (LP p. 24-25) on only your presentation. Be complete in your analysis for full points.

Homework Online: on Bb> Bb Menu> Content> Unit 6 > Audio Quiz 3 over LP 58-59, 63 on Bb Due Monday, Mar. 25th at 11:59pm.

Week 10
M Mar. 25    Lec. LP p. 68-70 Group Persuasive Outline Instructions / Quiz 3 Due!
W 27    Groups Formed & LP p. 53 topics considered/ LP p. 65 completed end of class
F     29    Works Cited Instructions

Homework Online: Read TB Chapter 4 > on Bb > Discussions >Complete Ch. 4 Ethical Public Speaking Top 3 Forum –Thread of 5 sentences and Reply to another Student with at least 5 sentences for full points. (10 pts) Due Mon. Apr. 1st at 11:59.
(PR#2= 485) 15 pts Att. Included

Week 11    (Read TB Chapter 27 & 28) Find answers to TB Review Questions
M Apr. 1    Meet at the Library Computer Lab (Bring Ear Buds) & Flash Drive!!! /
        Self-Critique # 2 Due (20pts) / Group Prep / Ch. 4 Discussion Board Due at             11:59pm.
W      3     Classroom: Lec. LP p. 66-67 Ethics Analysis Instructions/ Lec. LP p. 73 Grading
        Critique page/ Audience pages/
F 5    Meet at the Library Computer Lab (Bring Ear Buds) Complete Group
        Work!!! (Good to practice a run through)

Online: on Bb> Bb Menu> Discussions> Click on SOAR Training Videos Top 3 Forum> Thread of 5 sentences and Reply to another Student with at least 5 sentences for full points. (10 pts) Due by 11:59pm. Monday, Apr. 8th Bonus!!!

Week 12 (Read TB Chapter 25 & 26) Find answers to TB Review Questions    
M Apr. 8 S-3 Group Persuasive (75 pts outline & 75 pts performance) All outlines &
         Works Cited Documents Due!! (10 pts off if late) SOAR DB Due! 11:59pm.
W      10     S-3 cont.
F 12 S-3 cont.

Week 13
M Apr. 15 S-3 cont
W     17 S-3 cont
(GR #2=680) 15 pts Att. Included

Week 14
M Apr. 22    Lec. LP p. 54-56 Group Roles /LP p. 71-72b Instructions of Group Analysis
        (provide chart in class)
W      24 (Final Exam Review over Pink Review Questions & LP p. 58-60 & 63) on
        your own or in groups!
F      26     Ethics Analysis Due (25 pts) 1st of class / Teamwork Chart Due (25 pts)
         by end of class!!!

Week 15
M Apr. 29        Instructions for S-4 LP p. 81/ Bonus Listening
            Report # 2 LP p. 10-11 Due (10 pts)
W May 1        S-4 Acceptance Speech 1-2 min All outlines & All Present (100 pts)/
F 3        S-4 cont. / Instructions for S-5 handout

Week 16
M May 6        S-5 Exit Speech (50 pts)    
W      8         Last Class day / Grade Check

Week 17    (Final Exams)
(Spch 1315-02—10am class Final Exam on Friday, May 10th at 11am)
(Spch 1315-03—11am class Final Exam on Monday, May 13 at 10am)
Covers 1st 20 Textbook Review Questions, Textbook Review Questions for each chapter and Lecture Packet pages 58-60 & 63. (100pts total)

(Final Grade =1000) 20 pts Att. Included
Final Exam Date May 10, 2019 - 11:00 AM   Through  May 10, 2019 - 1:30 PM
Grading Scale 900-100=A 800-899=B 700-799=C 600-699=D Below 599=F No Incompletes
Determination of
Final Grade
Oral Assignments     600 points
Written Assignments     60 points
Exams         200 points
Attendance/Participation/Quiz 140 points
             1000 points total

Oral: There will be 5 opportunities for you to experience different public speaking situations including: special occasion/informative (100), persuasive with visual support (150), Group persuasive to motivate to take action (200) & Acceptance of an Award (100) & and Exit speech (50). Typed analytical outlines will be required for all of the presentations and are due on the day of presentation submission. Late outline submission will not be accepted. Specific instructions will be given before each assignment and the specific points for each part of the assignment.
Written: There will be 3 written exercises to be completed. These are designed to demonstrate your knowledge of listening skills and self-evaluation skills through critical thinking reflection. (20 pts. each) 2 Self-Critique Forms that are filled out when you observe your recorded speeches and 1 outside of class Listening Observations Report over live speeches not recorded events. A 2nd Listening Report is Optional Bonus (10pts) An Ethics Analysis Essay is connected to the group persuasive speech S-3.
Exams: There will be 2 exams, a mid-term and a final. Both will be objective tests. It is a requirement to take both exams. The midterm has two parts: Part I is over the Lecture material (audio lectures and Lecture Packet pages 3-43) and Part II is over the textbook material covered in the Pre-Test (Use Pre-Post Test Textbook Review Sheet to study and prepare). The Final Exam has three parts and you are required to take all three parts. 2 parts Textbook and 1 part last Lecture material. There are NO RE-TESTS or Re-taking of quizzes or exams.

In Dr. Stafford's class you will be graded with actual points not percentages. Punctual completion of each assignment earns you a number of real points which you will add up to total your final grade. There will be no curving. You’re My Grades in Blackboard will show you a total of your acquired scores.
Course Policies
Instructor Policies * I will not discuss your grades over the phone or by email. If you want to discuss your grades, you must come to my office, in person.
* Class Honesty Policy: Plagiarism in presentations will not be acceptable. The oral or written work will not be accepted and the points for that assignment will be forfeited. Protect yourself by documenting and giving credit to the source of your material. Do not use other students’ outlines or observation reports, they are recognizable. Do not read internet articles as your speech. That earns a zero. Cheating on exams will result in a grade of zero for that exam.
* There will be no make-up exam given in class time, in extreme cases it may be possible to take the mid-term exam in the Student Success Center, but that must be arranged with Dr. Stafford in advance.
* If you know in advance that you will miss a performance day then discuss arrangements with Dr. Stafford to fit your performance within the schedule. As a performance class it is vital that you are prepared to give your presentation on the 1st day of the assigned round. There are limited days for the completion of the performance and everyone must be ready to present on the 1st day of the round.
* The order of presentation is up to the Professor so you must be in attendance and ready to perform on performance days. There is no guarantee that there will be any class time available to present a speech outside of the assigned days on the agenda calendar. It is your responsibility to follow the agenda calendar and be ready to present.
* All typed outlines are due on the 1st day of the round. No SHOW means NO SCORE!!!
* If there is any student in this class who has need for test-taking accommodations, please contact me with the appropriate documentation from the Disability Services Office (984- 6241)
* Cell Phones & IPODS: Turn off all communication devices that make noise during class. No Texting or Listening to Music during class. No doing other subjects homework during class. No Computers on during lecture. You will lose Audience Etiquette points if this policy is violated.
* Sleeping in class means you are absent and lose the points for that day.
* Do not submit assignments through email; they must be submitted within Blackboard.
* Last but not least, I (Dr. Stafford) am not your technical support. If your home computer goes down make other arrangements to complete your assignments. (Try public libraries, coming to computer labs on campus, or get with a friend and use their machine). If your Internet goes down try web connected coffee shops or businesses (some are open 24/7). It is your responsibility to maintain computer connections.
Attendance Policy Attendance & Make-Up Policy: Attendance is a required aspect of this course and the student is responsible for the work that is due on the specific dates, which appear on the agenda calendar. This course recognizes school approved team activities (with prior notification, court appearance and personal hospitalization as excused absences, not work, or doctor’s appointments, Or waking up feeling “under the weather” or the Internet went down, so use your three hours of possible excused absence wisely. Course work is still due on assigned dates. If you miss a performance date – no guaranteed make up available. No Show-No Points! (Use computers on campus or at local shops with WiFi service.)
Research has shown a cause and effect relationship between attendance and college success. Multiple assignments are due each week. If you miss 4 days I recommend you drop the class because you will have missed too much to succeed. After a student has missed the submission of 2 speeches or more than 4 written assignments the professor may drop the student officially from the class with the grade you have earned, which may be an “F”. This may affect your financial aid status and if this instructor initiated drop occurs after the first two weeks you can receive an “F” for insufficient work. There are 140 pts assigned to your total Audience Conduct Attendance /Participation and when you violate the expectations of the approved behavior in class you will lose points at the discretion of the Professor. Attendance = 80 points of your total grade 16 weeks @ 5 points each: Late to class you lose 1 points for that day. (3 Quizzes total 20 points; & Participatory points from participation on 4 discussion board Forums are worth 40 points.)
Academic Honesty Academic honesty is expected from all students, and dishonesty in any form will not be tolerated. Please consult the LSC-PA policies (Section IX, subsection A, in the Faculty Handbook) for consequences of academic dishonesty.
Facility Policies
  1. No food or tobacco products are allowed in the classroom.

  2. Only students enrolled in the course are allowed in the classroom, except by special instructor permission.

  3. Use of electronic devices is prohibited.
Important Information
ADA Considerations The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal anti-discrimination statute that provides comprehensive civil rights for persons with disabilities. Among other things, this legislation requires that all students with disabilities be guaranteed a learning environment that provides for reasonable accommodation of their disabilities. If you believe you have a disability requiring an accommodation, please contact the the Office for Disability Services Coordinator, Room 231, in the Madison Monroe Building. The phone number is (409) 984-6241.
MyLamarPA Be sure to check your campus E-mail and Course Homepage using MyLamarPA campus web portal (My.LamarPA.edu). When you've logged in, click the email icon in the upper right-hand corner to check email, or click on the "My Courses" tab to get to your Course Homepage. Click the link to your course and review the information presented. It is important that you check your email and Course Homepage regularly. You can also access your grades, transcripts, and determine who your academic advisor is by using MyLamarPA.
Other If you forget your password or have log in problems call Kenneth Lisbey at 409-984-6150. (8-5pm week days only)
1.    Give the Speaker / Professor your complete attention. (This means look at the person who is talking so you get the complete message.) No Computers ON!
2.    Arrive on time or early and do not interrupt a student speaker. (Wait quietly at the door until the student finishes and then quietly take your seat. Do not cross in front of the camera while filming.) Do not let the door slam as you enter.
3.    Turn off cell phone or have them on silent. (vibrate still makes a disruptive noise). No Laptops or Computers used during lecture. If phones are out, you will be asked to put them in your backpack; second request you will be considered absent with no opportunity to make up the work or points for that day. Additional loss of Conduct Points will be deducted from this category.
4.    Do not work on homework of any subject matter during this class period.
5.    Do not talk to your table mate while the speaker/ Professor is speaking. If you have a question for the Professor simple raise your hand and get the answer from the source.
6.    Avoid excessive crinkling sounds of paper, wrappers, and pens or any other disruptive noises. Avoid distracting a speaker with improper feedback to waste class time. You will lose Conduct Points if you disrupt the Professor or a student speaker.
7. When you show a lack of respect points will be taken from the points in your Attendance/Conduct grade. How many points deducted is at the discretion of the Professor based on how disruptive the action is. Cell phone use and coming in late interrupting a speaker are the most expensive violations. And yes, you can go into the negative numbers.
8. During student presentations the audience will have listening tasks and response sheets to turn in so your attendance is a requirement in this course.
9. Any missed work due to disciplinary suspensions are lost points which can-not be made up. Your behavior is your choice. Choose Wisely!
Check your Blackboard Class Announcements for messages from me about class materials.    Check your MyLamarpa email often for campus updates. You must be able to access the Lamarpa.edu site and Blackboard to complete this course. You must have access to a printer to complete assignments. The Gates Library Computer Lab is available to all students with current ID cards.
HB 2504 This syllabus is part of LSC-PA's efforts to comply with Texas House Bill 2504.