Spring 2018 Course Syllabus
Course: HART-1345- Section: 01
Gas and Electric Heating
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Instructor Information
Instructor Morgan Chaddick
Phone(409) 984-6381
Location:Umphrey Industrial Technology Center - Room: 201 G
Hours:m-w 8-9 11-12, T-R 8:50-9:30 10:20-12 F 8-9 1-2
Business and Industrial Technology
Phone:(409) 983-4921

If you have a grievance, complaint, or concern about this course that has not been resolved through discussion with the Instructor, please consult the Department Chair.
Course Information
Description Study of the procedures and principles used in servicing heating systems including gas fired furnaces and electric heating systems.
Prerequisites None
Learning Outcomes (1) Identifies all main ideas, supporting details, and vocabulary in reading material; demonstrates a full understanding of the reading. (PSLO ALPHA--measured by pre/post-test)

(2) Identifies different types of gas furnaces (PSLO 3 measured by quiz)

(3) Identifies and describes component operation of gas furnaces (PSLO 3 measured by quiz)

(4) Services and troubleshoots gas furnaces (PSLO 3 measured by assignment)

(5) Performs safety inspections on gas and electric heating systems and identifies unsafe operation of gas furnaces (PSLO 1 measured by assignment and quiz)
Core Objectives
Program Student Learning Outcomes PSLO ALPHA: Reading skills - Demonstrates comprehension of content-area reading material.

PSLO 1. Demonstrates environmental safety practices.

SLO 1. Students will demonstrate environmental safety practices.

PSLO 2. Troubleshoots, services, and repairs air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration systems.

SLO 2. Students will troubleshoot, service, and repair air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration systems

PSLO 3. Performs technician duties safely.

SLO 3. Students will perform technician duties safely.

PSLO 4. Works effectively as a team member.

SLO 4. Students will work effectively as a team member.
Textbooks 1: Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning text book, 20th edition, Goodheart-willcox publishing, ISBN 978-1-63126-354-5. 2: Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab Manual, 20th edition, Goodheart-willcox publisher, ISBN 978-1-63126-356-9. 3: Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning work book, 20th edition Goodheart-Willcox publisher IBSN 978-1-63126-355-2
Lecture Topics
Major Assignments
week 1: Course introduction; syllabus review
week 2: Theory of combustion
week 3: Heat transfer; chapter review
week 4: Heat from electrical resistance; review
week 5: understanding electrical circuits in gas units.
week 6: trouble shooting safety, circuits
week 7: identifying proper combustion
week 8: maintaining proper ventilation.
week 9: proper airflow
week 10: identifying electric heat components.
week 11: drawing electric heating diagrams.
week 12: electrical heating trouble shooting.
week 13: gas heat trouble shooting.
week 14: proper gas maintenance.
week 15: electrical heat trouble shooting.
week 16: final
Final Exam Date May 4, 2020 - 9:00 AM   Through  May 5, 2020 - 10:00 AM
Grading Scale 90 - 100 = A 80 - 89 = B 70 - 79 = C 60 - 69 = D Below 59 = F
Determination of
Final Grade
Tests - 60% Labs- 30% Final Exam- 10%
Course Policies
Instructor Policies none
Attendance Policy Students will loose 5 points per day. After 3rd absence.
Academic Honesty Academic honesty is expected from all students, and dishonesty in any form will not be tolerated. Please consult the LSC-PA policies (Section IX, subsection A, in the Faculty Handbook) for consequences of academic dishonesty.
Facility Policies
  1. No food or tobacco products are allowed in the classroom.

  2. Only students enrolled in the course are allowed in the classroom, except by special instructor permission.

  3. Use of electronic devices is prohibited.
Important Information
ADA Considerations The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal anti-discrimination statute that provides comprehensive civil rights for persons with disabilities. Among other things, this legislation requires that all students with disabilities be guaranteed a learning environment that provides for reasonable accommodation of their disabilities. If you believe you have a disability requiring an accommodation, please contact the the Office for Disability Services Coordinator, Room 231, in the Madison Monroe Building. The phone number is (409) 984-6241.
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