Fall 2023 Course Syllabus
Course: ARTS-1311 (Section: 01, CRN: 91770)
Design I (2-Dimensional)
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Instructor Information
Instructor Maurice Abelman
Email abelmanm@lamarpa.edu
Phone (409) 984-6389
Office Student Center - Room: 413
Office Hours
MWF: 9am-10am | 2:30pm-3:30pm (PAC Room 124)
TR: 9:30am-11am | 2pm-3:30pm (PAC 124)  
Additional Contact Information
Course Information
Description An introduction to the fundamental terminology, concepts, theory, and application of two-dimensional design.
Required Textbooks Textbook Purchasing Statement: A student attending Lamar State College Port Arthur is not under any obligation to purchase a textbook from the college-affiliated bookstore. The same textbook may also be available from an independent retailer, including an online retailer.

Mindtap ebook  (Required)
MindTap 1 term (6 months) Access Card for
Pentak/Lauer’s Design Basics, 9th
Instant Access Card ISBN 9781337282147
Text (Required)
Design Basics , 9th Edition
Stephen Pentak; David A. Lauer
ISBN-13: 978-1-285-85822-7
Additional Materials/Resources
Materials and Programs Needed
Computer or Laptop capable of running Adobe CC
Electronic Drawing Tablet (recommended)
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Sketch book and drawing tools
Camera (smartphone camera acceptable) 
Corequisites/Prerequisites None
Learning Outcomes
Learning Outcome
Identify and apply the elements of art and principles of two-dimensional design.
Employ discipline specific vocabulary in the evaluation of two-dimensional design problems.
Demonstrate creative skill in aesthetic problem solving within assigned parameters.
Demonstrate an appropriate level of professional practice, including safety, craft and presentation.
Core Objectives
Core Objectives 
Communication skills: Students will demonstrate effective written, oral and visual communication.
Critical Thinking Skills: Students will engage in creative and/or innovative thinking, and/or inquiry, analysis, evaluation, synthesis of information, organizing concepts and constructing solutions.
Social Responsibility: Students will demonstrate inter-cultural competency and civic knowledge by engaging effectively in local, regional, national and/or global communities.
Teamwork: Students will demonstrate the ability to work effectively with others to support a shared purpose or goal and consider different points of view.
Lecture Topics Outline
Lecture Schedule
Week 1 - Course Intro , Syllabus, Textbook Introduction. Chapter 1 Lecture.
Week 2 - Chapter 2, Chapter 7 Lecture.
Week 3 - Work Week
Week 4 - Chapter 3, Chapter 8
Week 5 - Work Week
Week 6 - Chapter 4, Chapter 10
Week 7 - Work Week
Week 8 - Chapter 5, Chapter 12
Week 9 - Work Week
Week 10 - Chapter 6, Chapter 9
Week 11 - Work Week
Week 12 - Chapter 13, Chapter 11
Week 13 - Work Week
Week 14 - Final Project
Week 15 - Work Week
Week 16 - Final Presentation
Major Assignments Schedule
Major Assignments
Week 1 - Course Intro , Syllabus, Textbook Introduction. Chapter 1 Lecture. Mindtap Quiz, Assignment 1
Week 2 - Assignment 1 due. Chapter 2, Chapter 8. Mindtap Quiz. Assignment 2.
Week 3 - Work Week, Journal Entry.
Week 4 - Assignment 2 due. Chapter 3, Chapter 7. Mindtap Quiz. Assignment 3.
Week 5 - Work Week, Journal Entry.
Week 6 - Assignment 3 due. Chapter 4, Chapter 10. Mindtap Quiz. Assignment 4.
Week 7 - Work Week, Assignment 4 due, Journal Entry.
Week 8 - Chapter 5, Chapter 12. Mindtap Quiz. Assignment 5.
Week 9 - Assignment 5 due, Work Week, Journal Entry.
Week 10 - Chapter 6, Assignment 6 due. Chapter 9. Mindtap Quiz. Assignment 6.
Week 11 - Work Week, Journal Entry.
Week 12 - Chapter 11, Chapter 13. Mindtap Quiz. Assignment 7.
Week 13 - Work Week, Assignment 8, Journal Entry.
Week 14 - Assignment 9 due. Final Project
Week 15 - Work Week
Week 16 - Final Project Due
Final Exam Date December 14, 2023 - 12:30 PM   Through  December 14, 2023 - 1:45 PM
Grading Scale
Grade Breakdown
Passing grades: 100-90= A 89-80=B 79-70=C
Failing Grades: 69-60= D 59 – Below= F
Determination of
Final Grade
To do well in this course, plan on a minimum of at least 5-6 hours of work per week that will be dedicated to reading, writing, and chapter assignments for each chapter in preparation for the major tests. Unless otherwise directed, There is a lot of course material to cover in this class so please don’t fall behind. It will be hard to make up course material if you do so.
Determination of Final Grade
30% Mindtap Chapter Quizzes Each chapter that will be assigned to every student will have online quiz questions that will be required to be completed after every chapter. These will accompany the reading assignments for each chapter. 
50% Assignments - Each assignment will use principles and elements from the weekly lecture chapters that are specially designed to implement the design principal and element discussed in each chapter.
20% Journals - Each project will require a one page journal. This journal will function as the self critique/ mentor feedback for the project. You will be required to explain the Looking, Thinking, and Doing phases that you will learn in the first chapter of the book.
Course Policies
Instructor Policies
Late Work
Every assignment in this class will have a due date assigned on Blackboard. For everyday beyond the due date of the assignment, points will be deducted from your grade for that student work. 
10 points will be deducted for every week that the student work is late. Students will be held accountable for turning their work in on time.

Class Etiquette and Mindfulness 
This is a college learning  environment. Be conscious of your behavior in class and how it could effect your education and the education of the students around you. If you do anything to disrupt class or the pace of my lectures or demos you will be warned. If you continue to disrupt class you will be asked to leave and won’t be allowed to return unless you apologize to me and the class for causing a scene.
If class time is given to complete an assignment, use that time to complete your work. If you refuse to do the class assignment during class, points will be deducted from the final grade of that assignment and your participation grade.
Do not bring any food to eat during class. Do not use your cell phones unless instructed to do so. No selfies,  texting, or phone calls during class. Please do not have side conversations during lecture. Ask for permission to use the restroom.
Class News and Updates
If there are any updates for class I will contact you via email (through the campus email with reminders, changes or any other pertinent information. Please check your email once per day to make sure there aren’t any important updates. It is your responsibility to manage your emails so that lines of communication are open and available.
Contacting The Instructor
The best way to contact me is through email. I will get back to you within 24-48 hrs. Please note that I only check my LSCPA email after 6pm on weekdays
Academic Integrity 
Academic integrity is one of the most cherished principles of the Lamar State College Port Arthur Community. You must adhere to this principle: by understanding the nature of plagiarism and by not plagiarizing materials; by refraining from the use of unauthorized aids on projects and tests; by turning in assignments which are products of your own efforts and research; and by refusing to give or receive information or content on projects or tests to or from other students. If you violate these principles of simple honesty, you risk embarrassment, course failure, and disciplinary action. It is simply not worth it. 
Students with Disabilities Statement
Students with disabilities are requested to present their accommodation letters to their instructor at the beginning of the semester (through email) so that accommodations can be arranged in a timely manner by the College, the department, or the faculty member, as appropriate. Students with disabilities who do not have accommodation letters should visit the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities.
Attendance Policy
Roll will be taken at the beginning of class. You must attend class every assigned class day according to LSCPA policy. If you miss a day, you will be responsible and held accountable for any content that you missed in class. More than 3 absences and you will drop a letter grade per. More than 9 and you will fail the class.
You must be on time each day for class. You will be marked tardy if you show up late for class. You will be marked tardy if you are 5 min late. 3 tardies will count as 1 absence. Beyond 10 minutes late, you will be marked absent. 
3 Lates = 1 Absence for Class 
3 Unexcused Absences = 1 Letter Drop for Class
6 Unexcused Absences = 2 Letter Drops for Class
9 Unexcused Absences = Fail the Class
Additional Information
This syllabus is subject to change at any time during the semester. You will be notified of any changes or will be issued a new syllabus
Institutional Policies
MyLSCPA Be sure to check your campus email and Course Homepage using MyLSCPA campus web portal. You can also access your grades, transcripts, academic advisors, degree progress, and other services through MyLSCPA.
Academic Honesty Academic honesty is expected from all students, and dishonesty in any form will not be tolerated. Please consult the LSCPA policies (Academic Dishonesty section in the Student Handbook) for consequences of academic dishonesty.
ADA Considerations The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal anti-discrimination statute that provides comprehensive civil rights for persons with disabilities. Among other things, this legislation requires that all students with disabilities be guaranteed a learning environment that provides for reasonable accommodation of their disabilities. If you believe you have a disability requiring an accommodation, please contact the the Office for Disability Services Coordinator, Room 231, in the Madison Monroe Building. The phone number is (409) 984-6241.
COVID 19 Information The Lamar State College Port Arthur (LSCPA) Student Code of Conduct COVID 19 Policy requires students who have been diagnosed with COVID 19 to report their condition directly to their local health department. Students should also contact their course faculty to report their quarantine status. In addition, this policy requires all students to wear face coverings when directly exposed to COVID 19 in compliance with the criteria included in the policy. For more information please refer to the COVID 19 link on the LSCPA website.
Facility Policies No food or tobacco products are allowed in the classroom. Only students enrolled in the course are allowed in the classroom, except by special instructor permission. Use of electronic devices is prohibited.
HB 2504 This syllabus is part of LSCPA's efforts to comply with Texas House Bill 2504.
Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect As per Texas law and LSCPA policy, all LSCPA employees, including faculty, are required to report allegations or disclosures of child abuse or neglect to the designated authorities, which may include a local or state law enforcement agency or the Texas Department of Family Protective Services. For more information about mandatory reporting requirements, see LSCPA's Policy and Procedure Manual.
Title IX and Sexual Misconduct LSCPA is committed to establishing and maintaining an environment that is free from all forms of sex discrimination, including sexual harassment, sexual violence, and other forms of sexual misconduct. All LSCPA employees, including faculty, have the responsibility to report disclosures of sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment, sexual assault (including rape and acquaintance rape), domestic violence, dating violence, relationship violence, or stalking, to LSCPA's Title IX Coordinator, whose role is to coordinate the college's response to sexual misconduct. For more information about Title IX protections, faculty reporting responsibilities, options for confidential reporting, and the resources available for support visit LSCPA's Title IX website.
Clery Act Crime Reporting For more information about the Clery Act and crime reporting, see the Annual Security & Fire Safety Report and the Campus Security website.

Grievance / Complaint / Concern If you have a grievance, complaint, or concern about this course that has not been resolved through discussion with the Instructor, please consult the Department Chair.
Department Information
Commercial Music, Visual and Performing Arts
Chair:Richard Vandewalker
Phone:(409) 984-6520