Human Resources

Faculty/Staff Title IX Training

***This is NOT the Title IX Training site for Students***

For Students required to complete their Title IX training requirements, login to your email account and open the email from
The email is titled "Due Now-Required Online Training".

Student Title IX Site

Faculty and staff ONLY please proceed:

You are about to begin the Title IX Training/Assessment. This exercise will last approximately 35 minutes.

IMPORTANT: You MUST complete this activity in its entirety. Failure to do so will result in you having to start from the begining.

You need to have your computer speakers turned on as a later part of the training has a brief instructional video with audio.

IMPORTANT: You MUST have a valid and an active LSC-PA Windows account to access this service.

You MAY BE presented with an authentication box requiring your username and password. If you are, enter in the username field. For example, if your username is doej then you would enter in the username field. Enter your current Windows password in the password field.

You are required to review the following resources before you begin the training:
  1. The TSUS and Human Resources' "Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedures", (located on the Human Resources website) and the

  2. "Community Resources webpage" (located on the Title IX website)

Click the "Begin Exercise" button to proceed.